The problem is that there are also a good many people that simply think that any Prank video that is put up is going to be completely ridiculous and not worth the time to watch. This is their opinion; and they are entitled to it as well. If you are someone that really likes to watch pranks being carried out on others you might want to check out and 

It is true that there are so blessed many people that really like watching someone getting a prank pulled on them. It is also true that you can look all over the place to find what you are looking for. Hey, if you are into watching videos like this there is nothing wrong with that. Do you know how many people really think that many a prank video is actually a funny video that they really get a kick out of? You might have a hard time rationalizing this type of thought process, yet this is how it often goes for most people that like to see videos of someone else getting a prank pulled on them. 

There are many people that think it is so funny to turn a sexy video into something that is a prank on the people involved in and with the making of that particular video. You might not think that this is that funny if you are one of the people that is involved in the video to begin with. There are so many ways of turning just about any situation into a prank that you are probably going to get a good laugh out of it anyway. 

You know something, a prank that is played on you or anyone does not have to be something that really, really scares the daylights out of you, it can be something as simple as someone hiding your keys on you. You might say that this is not funny if you have to get out the door to an important meeting or appointment; yet you have probably laughed at people that are in similar situations at one time or another. 

If those pulling this particular prank on you are smart enough as well as sensitive enough to your situation, they will pull something like this when you are not in a hurry to get somewhere! Knowing where you need to be and when you need to get there does not always guarantee that people will not try pranking you if they feel like it and when they get the opportunity to do so. Unfortunately this is just human nature sometimes and the best that you can do is to grin and bear it and then get back at them by pulling a prank on them like they did on you. Think about it for a while; then have fun with it.

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